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About R'Gang Havanese Puppies:

Buying an R'Gang Havanese puppy can be the beginning of years of happiness as the special bond between humans and this incredible breed exceeds even the greatest of expectations. Your new Havanese will be a member of your family for his or her entire lifetime, so you'll want to make a wise investment.

Havanese Puppies Arizona

R'Gang Havanese puppies have Champion Havanese Bloodlines and parents who are certified for excellent health (eyes, hearing, cardiac, thyroid, hips, patella, elbows, legg-calve-perthes). By the time you take your puppy home, it would have had its 6 and 9 week shots, patella's certified by our vet at least two times, wormed, microchipped, and received a health certificate.

In addition, you will receive your puppy's AKC registration papers, pedigree and health certificates of the parents. We will include instructions on feeding, care, basic training and grooming, plus medical records with dates and types of vaccinations and wormings, as applicable.

Once your puppy is living with you, R'Gang's responsibility to you is not over. We remain available as your primary source of information and advice. This is just one factor that separates R'Gang Havanese from pet shops and backyard breeders. Our Havanese Resources page contains many helpful downloads to get you started.

R'Gang Havanese

Havanese Show Dogs ArizonaSelecting a Puppy.

R'Gang Havanese focuses on the best possible placement of each available Havanese puppy, both pet and show potential. We start with an in depth conversation with prospective buyers to confirm that they are capable of providing a loving home and proper care. Each litter is tested for temperament using PAT (Puppy Aptitude Test) at around 8 weeks. As prospective buyers may have particular needs and circumstances, the PAT enables us to better discuss each puppy based on personality and purpose.

While we give every consideration to a request for a specific puppy or regarding a desired color and/or gender, puppies are assigned to buyers on a first deposit, first available pick basis. Families with particular demands may be unnecessarily limiting themselves. The ideal solution would be to remain open to an alternate choice and/or a spontaneous connection. If your first puppy choice is not available from a particular litter, you may:

  1. Select an available puppy
  2. Apply your deposit to the next litter on a priority basis

Show or Pet Quality?

Havanese Puppies for Sale

At about 8 weeks of age, R'Gang Havanese puppies are mature enough to have their conformation and physical traits evaluated. At that time, we make a professional determination regarding each one's prospect of a show career. Once this evaluation is complete, the litter is divided into two groups: show-quality and pet-quality puppies.

The distinction of quality only reflects on a particular puppy's potential for the show ring. It does not relate to the puppy’s otherwise excellent appearance, health, temperament or personality. We are extremely nit-picky when it comes to our show dogs because they may eventually be used for breeding. So, keep in mind that what to us seems like a flaw would be nearly indiscernible to any person looking for the cutest and healthiest pet Havanese imaginable. Since we choose our show prospects at about 8 weeks of age, no specific puppy is promised to an individual until that time.

Havanese Pups for Sale

Early Development.

R'Gang Havanese puppies are raised inside our home, and spend their first three weeks in a cozy 3'x3' den located inside Jane's office, to be under her loving and watchful eye as they mature.

Once the puppies can crawl out the den, Mom and babies are moved to the family room where more human activity and socialization takes place. The puppies' mother can come and go as she pleases and has free range of the property, inside and outdoors. Havanese moms are extraordinarily attentive, so she volunteers the majority of her time to nursing and caring for her pups. She even teaches them to use Wee-Wee pads. Puppies are gradually moved from Wee-Wee pads to puppy litter and become "litter box trained".

Havanese Puppies for Sale

As the days pass, the puppies are allowed to wander supervised about our family room on easy-clean tile floors. They are only awake for short periods of time and, when it is time for a nap, the puppies are placed back in their pen with their litter box.

Your R'Gang Havanese puppy will have been trained to use a litter box as soon as he or she can toddle. It is then an easy progression to using a doggy door or learning the "bell" system (we supply cowbells and instructions, if you are interested in going that route). The ability to use a litter box is ideal for apartment living and while traveling. We have been raising puppies on the litter system over ten years with great success.

R'Gang Havanese puppies have their own "puppy agility training course" for early neurological stimulation. They receive generous amounts of socialization with children and other family members, of all ages and gender, plus two cats, four chickens, and a cage-free Amazon parrot. Our puppies visit schools and nursing homes, and receive LOTS of interaction with prospective puppy buyers. You would be hard pressed to find happier, more well-adjusted puppies anywhere.

Havanese Puppies for SalePaperwork.

Full AKC Registration:
Fully registered Havanese are considered to be of show and breeding quality, meaning they exhibit Havanese type and are free of disqualifying faults under the breed standard. Under these circumstances, R'Gang Havanese will provide a full AKC registration certificate or application for registration at the time of sale or within 30 days following delivery of the dog. Registration papers may be withheld at the time of sale in cases of prior agreement in writing such as a breeding or lease agreement, or similar contractual agreement, that delays transfer of ownership until completion of the contract.

Limited AKC Registration:
R'Gang Havanese issues limited registration to pet quality Havanese, meaning the puppy has faults of a nature that would preclude it achieving an AKC Championship. A copy of this registration will be sent to the AKC. Pet-quality Havanese will also be sold microchipped prior to placement.

Havanese Puppy ArizonaDeposits.

We accept deposits for puppies after they have been born. Deposits are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The deposit amount is $400 and is completely refundable up until the puppies are five weeks old. Once they reach their fifth week, the deposit is no longer refundable.

We invite you to email or call as soon as you begin thinking about adding a puppy to your family, and sign up to our next available litter list. We would be happy to email information regarding upcoming litters, including pedigrees and pictures of the sire and dam and grand-sire and grand-dam. When the litter is born, we will post the pictures of new puppies at regular intervals by email and/or on this website.

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R'Gang Havanese

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