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Every R'Gang Havanese breeding is chosen from the standpoint of bettering the breed and providing the healthiest companions. Only AKC Champion Havanese bloodlines are used in our breeding program. Every dog is thoroughly health tested and certified.

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At R'Gang Havanese, no dog is ever considered for breeding if it is known to be affected with or a carrier of juvenile cataracts, PRA, heart disease or any other condition that may affect the health of your puppy. In addition, both parents are extensively screened for healthy hips, elbows, patellas (kneecaps), legg-calve-perthes, hearing, cardiac, and thyroid. If either parent even once produces an affected offspring, both parents are immediately removed from our breeding program, spayed or neutered, and retired to a pet home. All of their offspring are also spayed or neutered. These Havanese continue to be loved and cared for as much as any of our dogs, but they are simply not allowed to reproduce.

Havanese Dogs Arizona CERF Health Certification.

Havanese are a fairly under-exploited breed, and as such have very few inherited health issues. Of these, the most common one is juvenile cataracts. One of our primary breeding goals is focused on providing you with happy, healthy Havanese that has the best chance of not inheriting juvenile cataracts.

Every dog in the R'Gang breeding program is examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist to rule out known or suspected hereditary eye disease. The CERF (Canine Eye Research Foundation) exam is done annually until the dog reaches the age of eight years, at which time he or she is retired from our breeding program.

When a dog passes the CERF exam, a certification number is issued to the dog. That number is only good for one year, so the CERF exam must be done on a yearly basis. If at any time an eye disorder is detected and confirmed, the dog is immediately retired from our breeding program and placed into a pet home. Every attempt is made to notify owners of offspring, especially if those offspring are slated for breeding.

Havanese Show Dogs Arizona Record Keeping.

R'Gang Havanese keeps thorough records of individual puppies, litters, breedings, pedigrees and sales as specified by the American Kennel Club, and abides by American Kennel Club rules and regulations in all related activities.

Our contracts are specific with all conditions agreed upon between buyer and breeder/seller clearly stated. Every contract includes a stipulation that R'Gang Havanese be notified if the you are unable to keep your Havanese. R'Gang Havanese will gladly take back or help re-home any dog we sell, regardless of the reason or circumstances. We request that owners of our puppies advise us if any hereditary diseases or conditions arise.

Havanese Puppies ArizonaConditions do apply...

R'Gang Havanese is concerned with the proper placement of each Havanese puppy, with both pet and show potential. We conduct a thorough interview of prospective buyers to insure they are capable of providing a loving home and proper care. We never, ever sell dogs to pet dealers, pet stores, pet wholesalers, or pet brokers.

R'Gang Havanese

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