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R'Gang Havanese is a show kennel situated in beautiful Mesa, Arizona, offering incredible, high-quality puppies to loving homes. We're dedicated to raising the best possible AKC registered Havanese and rare Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. Our dogs display champion-caliber conformation, sweet temperaments, and the most adorable personalities.

Our dogs compete nationally in conformation and performance shows and are only bred after they have been thoroughly tested for health and genetic defects. It is with great pride that we produce Havanese and Bolonka that both attain high honors in the show ring and make fantastic, fun, smart, and loving companions. When only the best Havanese or Russian Bolonka will do, come and see for yourself the excellence of R'Gang Havanese!

Learn how our Havanese and Bolanka puppies are raised.

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Mark Kolbe and Jane Falkenstein, Breeders of Distinction!
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Why do our QUALITY puppies cost so much?

Havanese Champion Sired Puppies

Havanese Puppies for Sale

Havanese Puppies For Sale

Because you are investing in possibly the most impressive companion to ever live with you - for the next 15 years or so - we feel that it is vital to make sure that you are getting the quality of Havanese you want.

Read more about our Havanese Puppies.

Our puppies are bred from Champion Havanese Bloodlines that are continually checked for every possible hereitary flaw, to produce offspring with outstanding good looks and that fabulous Havanese temperament, making this breed such amazing companions.

We insist on offering you the best in happy, healthy puppies, raised with superior care, generous amounts of attention and early socialization. All of our puppies are litter trained, microchipped and vet checked, with health and soundness guaranteed.

Breeder Havanese Phoenix Arizona

About the Havanese Dog.

About Havanese

About Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka

Havanese are gentle, non-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs that are great with age-appropriate children, as well as most other small pets (including our cats and chickens). A small (10 to 14 pound), sweet-natured dog with immense charm, Havanese typically stand between 9.5 to 11.5 inches at the shoulder, slightly longer than tall, and covered with profuse long, silky, wavy hair, with their plumed tail carried loosely curled over the rump. Havanese come in a wide range of colors, including white, cream, champagne, black, black and tan, silver, blue, gold, chocolate, pied, parti- and tri-colored.

R'Gang Havanese are sturdy little dogs that can keep up with you in a wide variety of activities. Our adult Havanese can easily walk two-three miles, or go hiking with the "big dogs". While they love to go for walks and outings, their exercise requirements can also be met in the average size yard and inside your home.

Havanese dogs are 'indoor' family companions, not meant to live their lives entirely outdoors but rather share a life inside your home as a vital part of your everyday activities. As specifically developed over hundreds of years to be companions, Havanese are also happiest having a doggie buddy of similar temperment. If you plan to leave your Havanese alone for any length of time on a regular basis, we strongly encourage you to adopt more than one.

For Sale Havanese Puppies

The Havanese is a highly intelligent breed that is easily trained and competes well in agility and obedience fields. Also, Havanese are exceptionally responsive to their family, intuitive when it comes to reading moods, and thrive within a considerate, gentle, loving home. This breed becomes very attached to its human family, living for your every word and gesture. It is sensitive to the tone of your voice - harsh words will only upset the Havanese and achieve very little. Given a patient and supportive environment, Havanese will amaze you with how quickly they learn.

Hardly the aggressive sort, Havanese are obviously not suited as attack or guard dogs, but instead are quick to watch for and happily bark to announce visitors. Differing from many other small breeds, Havanese are not hyperactive or yappy, being more of the laid-back type. However, they'll enthusiastically rise to the occasion when you are up for a little rowdy play or chase a ball ...or, just as easily, sit and cuddle on the couch to watch your favorite movies with you. These dogs so effortlessly demonstrate a sense of joy and sweetness that you will always be delighted to have a Havanese goofing around nearby. Read more: Havanese Personality

Quality Havanese For SaleRecent AKC registration for a very old breed.

Havanese get their name from Havana, Cuba, where they were developed in isolation hundreds of years ago. Today, they are the "National Dog of Cuba", and sometimes referred to as "The Havana Silk Dog."

The AKC officially accepted the Havanese as of January 1999 into the Toy Group.

Easily dating back to the late 15th Century, the Havanese has evolved from the exclusive pampered lap-dog of the Cuban upper class into what he is today - the quintessential family pet!

Read more: Havanese History


AZ Havanese Puppies

R'Gang Havanese - AZ Show/Companion Breeder of Havanese puppies and Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka in Arizona. Purebred Breeder of Havanese ~ BEST AZ Havanese puppies for sale: Arizona Havanese Breeder: Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka: Pet/Show Quality Arizona Havanese Puppies For Sale Arizona.

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